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The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Guide
As much as some companies would like to lead consumers to believe, there is no magic car scratch remover. Most commercial products that claim to be an all in one car scratch remover product that you just apply to your paint, rub a little bit with a rag, and the scratches will be gone simply don’t just work that easily! These types of scratch removing products will only work on the lightest, barely visible unless your head is right on the paint job type of scratches.Before I get started on this guide, I guess I should note. REALLY deep scratches that extend past the clear coat (sometimes even down to the primer!) typically are not repairable simply through polishing. Scratches as the result of keys, screwdrivers, or some other malicious act are TYPICALLY only repairable through a professional auto body repair shop. A good rule of thumb is if your fingernail can catch on the scratch, it is probably too deep and you should seek a professional repair.

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Car polish vs wax

Car polish vs wax, what is the difference? Sometimes a person can become quite overwhelmed trying to figure out the difference between the two.  There definitely is a difference between car wax and car polish!

Put simply, both car polish and car waxes are products which are used to help protect the paint job. Both polish and wax can be used at home and should be part of your car care arsenal. They will help to keep your car looking clean, shiny, and appearing new.

Car Polish vs Wax – What is the Difference?

Car Polish

Car polish is a product that is used to correct imperfections on your vehicle’s paint. Car polish is used prior to the application of a coat of wax. It is used to remove minor scratches, scrapes, and other imperfections that cause the paint to appear dull, hazy or to have swirls.

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Buffing a car

Buffing a car could not only be beneficial for your car but also beneficial for you as well.

Just think, with a car that has been buffed and polished until it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line, people will think that you have the luxury of being able to purchase new cars all the time. People will also think that you know how to take good care of your car.

A lot of people do not bother to polish their cars, much less even clean their cars, because it requires them to stretch their muscles and release some sweat. However, for those who spend the time to polish their cars, these people usually know the feeling of seeing their cars gleam as something quite precious.

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