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How to Clay Bar a Car

Many people who have not used a clay bar (or had their car detailed with clay) may consider the results from clay to have magical qualities. Clay, specifically made for automotive applications, is used to remove contaminates from the paint surface of your vehicle and provides a very smooth finish. Some are reluctant to try clay on their vehicle, however it is a very easy process and this article will explain how to clay bar your car.

In order to clay the car you will need both Clay and a Clay Bar Lubricant. Most clay is available as a kit (Such as this one from Mother’s) that includes everything needed to clay the vehicle. clay bar a car

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Car Scratches

For as much as you do take care so that your car’s paint does not get marred by dents; car scratches could, and usually do, happen. Scratches on your car can be small and would not even be noticeable. However, if these small scratches accumulate, you can say goodbye to a car that looks like it was just purchased from the dealership.

Car Scratches Can Make Your Car Look Horrible!

These small scratches on your vehicle can be easily fixed using touch-up paint. However, if the scratch seems to be deep and large enough, then these may then need some professional assistance. If your car’s paint is enameled, then you can actually have to ask for professional help before you do anything or you just might mess up your car’s paint. However, if it is now, then you can go ahead and do the repairs yourself.

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Auto Detailing Prices

Auto Detailing Prices

There are many auto detailing services available to consumers. Auto detailing prices are the most common things most people take into consideration when they are in need of getting auto detailing services. As you know, auto detailing prices may vary according to your needs. If you are driving a sports car then you may need to pay more than the typical car for auto detailing as it requires special care and maintenance. Also, larger vehicles such as trucks and SUVs can also come at a premium when it comes to auto detailing services.

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