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IS that little guy above, a glimpse into how you feel when it comes to Car Care?

If the answer is YES, you are in the right place.

This site began because as a car guy, I have always been the person that friends, family and co-workers have always come to with automotive related questions.

Sometimes I felt as if I was like a broken record, constantly sharing tips, tricks, or other things which to me was basic knowledge with anyone that would listen. I know sometimes my wife would love it if I would stop talking!

I have been a car enthusiast since I was in High School and able to drive. Everything I know about cars has been either self taught or from mentors and friends. From restoring my classic Chevy, to modifying my daily commuter or building purpose built race cars, I have picked up an assortment of tips and tricks along the way.

My goal with the Car Care Fanatic is to make it your one stop resource to help address basic car questions and learn about tools you may have never heard of that make car care jobs easier.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here on our site, and be sure to use the Contact Us link to let me know if there are any other articles you would like to see on the site.  If I know anything about it, I’d be happy to share my knowledge!

Whether you are looking for tips on how to wash your car at home or finding awesome products that will provide you the best bang for your buck; we’ve got you covered!

Thank you and please bookmark us and stop by again soon!

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