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Polish Aluminum WheelsOver the years I have had many polished aluminum wheels on my classic cars and the occasional Ford Mustang. I have had Centerline Wheels, American Racing Wheels, and Weld Wheels.  After a while they all do the same thing.  They are perfect, shiny and stunning out of the box; but after a while exposed to the elements they slowly begin to oxidize, fade, and not look as great as they did when they were new. However, there are some tricks to polish aluminum wheels that can make the nastiest looking aluminum wheels shine like new!

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When detailing a car one of the most overlooked steps in the cleaning process is detailing the wheels and tires. However, sparkling clean wheels and tires add something special to a fully detailed car. Your wheels and tires should not be an afterthought! In this article we are going to show you how to achieve the best tire shine and wheels that are sparkling and clean. We not only dive into the how to of the wheel and tire detailing process, but we’ll also reveal some awesome products available on the market to clean your wheels and tires.

The good news is the cleaning and maintenance of your wheels and tires is not a difficult process, especially with the right tools and products. With a little bit of time and elbow grease, your wheels and tires will be better than new!

Best Tire Shine

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