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How to Wax a Car

A lot of people may feel intimidated by the thought of waxing their own vehicle; sometimes thinking the job needs to be left to auto detailers.  However, you may not necessarily need an automotive detailer to do it for you. This is not a challenging job with a little bit of know-how and you can easily learn how to wax your vehicle and perhaps save a lot of money doing it yourself.

Waxing a car helps to preserve the paint finish. Waxing your vehicle helps prevent damage from natural contaminates such as dirt and water.  It also gives the paint on your car a deep, glossy, and clean sheen.

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Car Waxing Tips

A freshly waxed car is definitely a thing of beauty.  The sleek surface, the deep ultra-clean shine, simply put wax makes your car look stunning. Here is some of the top car waxing tips that we have picked up over the past several years.

Car Waxing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The difference between a good waxing and a great waxing is Prep

Prepared paint is essential anytime you are going to apply wax to your car. Washing and prepping the surface prior to applying wax will improve wax adhesion, allow the product to cure more quickly, and promote better shine and clarity. It goes without saying; you do not want to wax a dirty car. Obviously, you should wash the car prior to applying any wax, but good prep goes beyond just washing the surface.

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Waxing your vehicle is not only a benefit to your vehicle but also can be great for you as well. Imagine, with a vehicle that is always waxed like it is show room new, other people might believe that you are lucky enough to afford the luxury of purchasing new vehicles often. Or at the very least people will think that you know how to take good care of your vehicle. (Or are avid readers of Car Care Fanatic!)

A lot of people do not spend the time waxing their vehicle; much less really clean their vehicles often, because it requires them to work up a sweat. However, for people who do wax their vehicles, these people know the feeling of seeing their vehicles gleam and sparkle.

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