Top Ten Waterless Car Wash Products

Water restrictions are on the rise. Places like apartment buildings have had restrictions for washing cars for many years.  Now with ever worsening droughts in places like the state of California the demand and popularity for Waterless and No Rinse car wash products are definitely on the rise.

There are two types of these minimal water use car wash products:

Waterless Car Wash: These are the true “waterless” car wash products.  They require no water.  The product is pre-mixed and typically comes in a container (such as a spray bottle) where you just spray the product on the car and wipe.  Many times these products are also called quick detailers.

No Rinse Car Wash: No Rinse car wash products (also known as rinseless car wash) typically come in a concentrate.  They do require a little bit of water, but there is a significant water savings over a traditional car wash.  In most cases you mix one ounce of no rinse car wash product to about 1 gallon of water.  Wash the car with that mixture with a car wash mitt and dry the car.  These products, as the name implies, require no rinsing.  The great thing about no rinse car wash products is you can also mix the product with water in a spray bottle and use it as a quick detailer, clay bar lubricant, or waterless car wash.

Now that that distinction has been made.  Let’s get on with the Top Products!

Top Ten Waterless Car Wash Products Based On Popularity and Customer Satisfaction: (With 1 Bonus Product!)

No Rinse Products:

1. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

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2. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax

Waterless Products:

1. Griot’s Garage Spray-On Car Wash

2. Chemical Guys Waterless Detailing System

3. Adams Waterless Car Wash

4. Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax Spray

5. Foamtek Waterless Wash & Wax Promo Kit

6. Poorboy’s World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash

7. Adam’s Polishes Detail Spray

8. Dri Wash Classic Waterless Car Wash

9. Ultra Luster Waterless Car Wash

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