Surf City Garage Clayzilla Review – Not Your Average Clay Bar Kit

It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s, Clayzilla!  The revolutionary clay bar system Clayzilla from Surf Garage that is!

Clay bars were invented to remove oxidation and other contaminants from the paint on cars.  There are several companies that manufacture clay bar kits such as Meguiars, Mothers, etc.  Almost all clay bar kits for several years have been the same, a Bar of clay and a bottle of detailing spray.

Not anymore.  Surf City Garage has come up with a new clay bar system that they call Clayzilla that is not your average clay bar kit.

Clayzilla works by breaking down the grime on your paint for easy removal with a microfiber towel without building up on the Clayzilla pad.  It was designed to live up to the standards of the professional detail, but also be easy to use for the everyday consumer.

The Surf City Garage ClayZilla system includes:

  • The ClayZilla hand-held tool (ergonomic so it fits well in your hand)
  • The replaceable ClayZilla Pad (according to Surf City Garage it is good for up to 20 cars)
  • An 8 oz. bottle of Zilla Juice Detailer

Want to see it in action?  Check out this video review from MPGOMatic:

The Clayzila kit runs about $20 both on Amazon and at most local auto parts stores.

Surf City Garage Surface Prep System – ClayZilla

The replacement pads are about $15.

Surf City Garage Replaceable Zilla Pad

Some things that I really liked about the Surf City Garage Clayzilla clay bar kit:

  • The hand held tool is comfortable to use for extended periods of time.
  • The tool also allows you to work without getting your hands all dirty from holding the clay that is covered in detailing spray.
  • It removes the contaminants from the paint, just like a regular clay bar.
  • Seems to last longer than a regular clay bar (Surf City says that it last 5 times longer, but I have not had my kit very long and have only used it a handful of times)
  • The pad is replaceable

Some minor things that I disliked were:

  • While the pad is replaceable, the replacements almost cost as much as a whole new kit.
  • The kit only includes 8 oz. of detailer spray (vs 16 ounces with a system like Mothers)
  • The price of the Surf City Garage Clayzilla kit is higher than the average clay bar system from other companies.

Here are some of the things people are saying about Surf City Garage Clayzilla:

“After spending over 20 minutes using Mothers clay on the hood alone, I was able to do the entire car, including going back over the hood with ClayZilla in less than 15 minutes. The speed/efficiency of this product was simply amazing, and worth the higher purchase cost.”

“Worked well and easier than clay”

“I can do the job 3 times as fast without using an unwieldy glob of dirty clay and I can use it multiple times after an easy cleaning. Why have I been using a clay bar all this time? I would absolutely recommend the ClazyZilla, which is an outstanding value for the price.”

The most critical review we found was:

“Well I loved this…I even bought 2 more bottles of ZillaJuice… clay lube ever!! but the directions told me to take the pad off and store in plastic bag to keep moist….however it ripped the velcro right off of the sponge handle.” (After reading this one I started bagging the whole tool in a gallon sized freezer bag!)

The bottom line:

So if you are in the market for a clay bar kit; we do recommend giving the Surf City Garage Clayzilla kit a try.  It is a couple more dollars than the traditional clay bar kit, but it seems to be worth it. It certainly does not hurt to give it a try at least once; you may like it better than a normal clay bar.  I know that I did!

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