Selling Used Cars

Tips for Selling a Car Online

With some attention to detail and a little bit of effort, you could save a large amount of money by selling your car online rather than trading it in at a dealer. Below are some tips for selling a car online to help assist in the process:

  • Stay away from pricing the car too high. Check out the private-party prices on internet sites such as or to determine precisely what your vehicle may be worth and price your car competitively to assist in selling it fast. The longer you have the car for sale, the harder it will become to sell.
  • Completely wash your car inside and out and be sure to wax the exterior. The vehicle ought to be immaculate, without any mess. If there are any existing problems have them repaired, or be ready to reduce the price appropriately.
  • You can build credibility and trust with a vehicle history report. Vinaudit reports are available at the fraction of the cost of Carfax reports. If maintenance records are available, potential buyers typically appreciate the documentation.
  • An inspection by a professional mechanic will help to prevent last-minute predicaments and contributes to the purchaser’s knowledge. Consider having an inspection done by a Certified Mechanic and have the report of their findings, if any, available for potential buyers.
  • When composing the for sale ad, supply specific details and features about the car. Also, include plenty of well-lit pictures of the interior and exterior of your sparkling and gleaming car.
  • When you receive a response on the ad, respond promptly while the buyer’s interests are at their peak. Obtain the buyer’s full name and contact information, including address. Before meeting in person, it is best to verify the information to protect yourself. For a first meeting, it might be best to meet with the buyer away from your home and have a friend come with you.
  • Go with the buyer when they test drive your car so that you can discuss the selling points of the vehicle.
  • After a price has been agreed upon, discuss how they will be paying for the car. It is typically best to get a cashier’s check from a local bank and go to the bank with the buyer to verify it. If the car is being purchased with cash, both parties should sign a bill of sale.

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Selling Used Cars

When it comes to selling a used car the market is huge. Believe it or not, many people prefer the more economical route of buying a used car. However, Selling Used Cars can be an art.

Below are the steps I have used to maximize the money I get when Selling Used Cars

Clean the car!
Be sure to clean your car.  Consult our series on car detailing to make it look its best.  Wash and wax the outside of the car.  The better the car looks, more valuable it will look. It also is an indicator as to how well you may have treated the car previously.

Don’t ignore the interior!

Potential buyers will likely scour every inch of the car inside and out.  A dirty interior will surely turn off most buyers. Vacuum the entire car including the carpet, seats, mats and doors.  Wash out any stains that may be present. Take a towel with a quality interior cleaner and wipe down all of the hard surfaces inside the car being sure to not leave any streaks behind. Don’t ignore any cracks or crevices! Each extra little touch you add will make the car that much better.  A better looking car usually sells for more and far more quickly, and time as they say, is money!

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