Carbon Fiber Emblems

Starting in 2010 Toyota began manufacturing the Prius with emblems that were supposed to look as if they were glowing.  These emblems seem to be a love or hate for most Toyota Prius owners. Many Prius owners probably leave them alone as they bought the car merely to save gas or to save the planet.  However, there is a niche of Toyota Prius enthusiasts out there who purchased the Toyota Prius for whatever reason and still have the itch to modify or customize their cars. (Myself included!)

One very popular upgrade for the 2010+ Toyota Prius Hatchback and Prius V Wagon is to eliminate the blue Toyota emblem and upgrade them with different colored backgrounds. Available on eBay are pre-cut vinyl wraps that adhere to the “blue heat” background that comes from the Toyota factory.  It adds a nice subtle and classy touch to your Toyota Prius.  This article will provide installation instructions for these vinyl wraps.

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It seems that every car produced comes equipped with shiny chrome emblems. You may have seen other cars driving down the road with blacked out emblems and thought that they looked awesome.  However, you go to look online for these emblems and they are either non-existent for your model of car or the price asked for the emblems is astronomical! In this article, Car Care Fanatic will show you how to get those awesome Blacked Out Emblems without blowing the budget, leaving you with more money in your pocket for other things and you will have the satisfaction of being able to say you got the blacked out emblems by doing it yourself!

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Remove EmblemsEver wanted to remove emblems from your car but felt intimidated to do so? What if you scratch the paint?  What if the emblems will not come off? Definitely leaving the emblems on a car looks better than paint that has been damaged from removing them. For years, car manufacturers placed emblems advertising their brand and the model of the car.  What’s worse is that many dealerships also add dealer emblems to clutter the body of the car even more. In this article, the Car Care Fanatic will explain how to remove emblems attached with adhesive from a car, without leaving a mess behind!

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