The Best Griots Garage Car Care Products

Best Griots Garage Car Care Products

The Best Griots Garage Car Care Products

Griot’s Garage has been known for their high quality car care soaps, waxes and other superior car detailing tools and products since their inception in 1988. Consumers that have purchased products from Griot’s Garage rarely regret their purchase.

Griot’s Garage Car Wash Soap

Every car detail begins with a thorough car wash. One of the highest rated car washes on the market is the Griot’s Garage Car Wash. This car wash tops the Top Ten Car Wash Soaps here on Car Care Fanatic and is often raved about in consumer reviews on places like Amazon. The Griot’s Garage Car Wash is a safe formula for all paints and exterior surfaces on your car. It has a perfect pH-balance and free from any harmful detergents that can strip the paint of wax. The soap suds well and quickly captures the dirt and grime on your paint to leave your car sparkling and clean. Griot’s may seem expensive at first, but it is highly concentrated. You only need to use one ounce of the soap to two gallons of water!

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Griot’s Garage Best of Show Car Wax

One of the best things you can do to preserve the finish on your car is to give it a coat of a quality wax. Griot’s Garage Best of Show car wax is a liquid carnauba car wax and one of the highest quality on the market today. The wax is free of silicone and water-based and provides superior depth, color, and shine to your car’s finish. This wax is the go to wax for many participants who contend in the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Many of the pros use it, it is definitely worth a try!

Griot’s Garage Paint Cleaning Clay

The use of a clay bar treatment while detailing your car is definitely an essential step to prepare your car for the ultimate finish and shine. There are many other clay bar products on the market, and Griot’s Garage has a clay product as well. The clay works by removing surface contaminants from the paint leaving the painted surface completely smooth and ready for polish and wax.

Griot’s Garage Speed Shine

Is your car garaged or recently detailed and just needs a little pick-me-up to get it gleaming again? A quick detail spray might be in order.

With Griot’s Garage Speed Shine you can clean a car in about 5 minutes. Griot’s Garage Speed Shine has a special formulated lubricant that lifts dirt and dust off the surface of your paint so you can safely and quickly wipe it away. This is not the product you would use if your car is very dirty. However it is a perfect product for a quick wipe down detail if your car just needs a quick sprucing up. I personally know people with garage kept classic cars that have literally not washed their car in 10+ years. All they simply need is a quick detailing spray and a microfiber towel.

Griot’s Garage Wheel Cleaner

Back in the day before I realized the power of a special cleaner just for wheels I absolutely dreaded having to clean the wheels on my car! Brake dust, dirt, and other road debris always seem to stick to the wheels on your car. As you know, dirty wheels can detract from the cleanest car detail! The Griot’s Garage Wheel Cleaner is my personal go to for getting the wheels on my cars clean. The formula has a pH balance that is safe for all wheel finishes. This includes the most high end and expensive wheels! It loosens up the gunk that accumulates on your cars wheels and leaves your wheels shiny and clean!

Griot’s Garage Starter Car Care Kit

Are you just starting out and want one of the best combinations of car care products available to the enthusiast? Perhaps you love all of the Griot’s Garage products and want a one stop purchase. Check out the Griot’s Garage Starter Car Care Kit. Each kit includes the Griot’s Car Wash, Best of Show Wax, Paint Cleaning Clay, Speed Shine, Vinyl & Rubber Dressing, and Wheel Cleaner. You get all of the quality Griot’s Garage Car Care products you crave in one money saving kit.

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