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Car Care Fanatic

Our goal with the CAR CARE FANATIC is your one stop resource to help address basic car questions and learn about tools you may have never heard of that make car care jobs easier. We hope that you enjoy your stay here on our site, and be sure to use the Contact Us link to let us know if there are any other articles you would like to see on the site.  If I know anything about it, I’d be happy to share my knowledge!  Thank you and please bookmark us and stop by again soon!

You may wonder how the Car Care Fanatic began?  Being a car guy, I have always been a person that friends, family and co-workers have always come to with questions regarding basic car care. Sometimes I felt as if I was like a broken record, constantly sharing tips, tricks, or other things which to me was basic knowledge with anyone that would listen.

In an effort to help as many people as possible… Car Care Fanatic was born.

As mentioned above, the goal is to make a one stop resource for how to’s on performing basic car care and get tool and product recommendations to help make the car care process easier.  Consider it Car Care 101 if you will.

Everything I know about cars has been either self taught or from mentors and friends.  From restoring my classic Chevy, to modifying my daily commuter or building purpose built race cars, I have picked up an assortment of tips and tricks along the way.

I truly hope you enjoy the site and find it useful in your endevours.

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Check out all of our Car Care articles here at Car Care Fanatic:

Car Detailing Articles

Car Washing and Cleaning:
Car Wash Tips – How to Wash Your Car to Get Your Ride Good as New!
Clean Bugs Off a Car – You Don’t Have to Drive A Bug Cemetery!
How to Clean Your Windows – Crystal Clear Windows and Sparkling Mirrors!
Interior Car Cleaning – The Interior Car Wash in Simple Steps!
Car Waxing Tips, Tricks and Techniques
How to Wax a Car – Give Your Car the Best Wax of its Life
Waxing Your Vehicle to Make it Shine – Wax On, Wax Off
Buffing a Car To Make Your Car Shine
Car Polish vs Wax – What is the Difference?
Wheel and Tire Care:
Best Tire Shine – Acheive Clean and Shiny Tires!
Polish Aluminum Wheels – Make Them Shine Like New!
Waterless Car Wash:
Waterless Car Wash – All About Waterless Car Wash Products
Other Detailing Articles:
Auto Detailing Prices
Car Scratches – How to Make Them Go Away
How to Clay Bar a Car – Giving your Car the Clay Bar Treatment

Car Maintenance Articles:

Basic Car Maintenance – Simple Car Maintenance for Everyone
How to Rotate Tires – Why, When and How to the Proper Way
Car Battery Maintenance – Prevent Car Battery Problems
How to Clean a Carburetor – Improve Performance By Cleaning a Carburetor!

Car Modification Articles

DIY Blacked Out Emblems – With No Emblem Removal Required!
DIY Prius Carbon Fiber Emblems – Awesome Carbon Fiber Emblems for Prius!
Remove Emblems – Quickly, Cleanly, and Painlessly!
How to Change a Tire – Putting on a Spare

Car Repair Articles:

How to Use Jumper Cables – Don’t be Stranded at the Worst Moment!
Paintless Dent Repair – Fix a Dent Without the Cost!
Brake Disk Rotors – When To Replace
Headlight Replacement – Don’t Drive With Broken Headlights!
Oxygen Sensor – How Does It Affect My Car?
The Not-So-Shocking Truth about Shock Absorber Failure

Other Articles

Cheap Auto Parts Online – How to Buy Auto Parts Online
Best Places to Find Project Cars for Sale
Tips for Selling a Car Online
Selling Used Cars – How to Sell a Used Car for the Most Money!
Buying a Used Car – Advantages and Disadvantages
Used Car Buying Tips – 5 Practical Ways To Check A Used Car
Buying Used Cars – Tips on Buying a Used Car
Buying New Cars – Tips for Buying a New Car
Dead Car Battery – Know the Signs of a Dead Car Battery
How to Save Gas – Tips to Save Gas that Work!
Tire Air Pressure – And Other Tire Safety Tips

Car Care Brands:

The Best Griots Garage Car Care Products

Product Reviews and Top Ten Lists:

Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo Review
Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II Car Wash Review
Duragloss 902 Car Wash Concentrate Review
Griot’s Garage Car Wash Review
Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert Review
Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Review
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review – Perfect for Auto or around the Home
Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine Waterless Car Wash Review
Porter Cable 7424XP Polisher Review
Zymol Z530 Auto Wash Review
Top 10 Car Wash Soaps
Top 10 Waterless Car Wash Products
Top 10 Car Polishes
Top 10 Car Waxes
Top 10 Tire Dressings
Top 10 Car Drying Towels
Top 10 Bug Removal Products
Top 10 Headlight Restoration Kits
Other Hot Deals!

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